Watora is a Discord Music Bot with 100% Free Commands. Volume, BassBoost, Equalizer, Spotify, YouTube, Monstercat, Listen.moe, you can even create your own commands and much more !

Get started with this wiki

Make sure to read this before reading another part of the wiki :

  • Do not literally write [ ] ( ) in your commands.

  • Sometimes you'll have to write the vertical bar or pipe, "|". This generally happens when you need to specify several roles/texts.. It doesn't apply when the veritcal bar is written without spaces between two parameters.

  • This wiki doesn't display it but every command is called with a prefix.

Welcome to Watora's Documentation !

I hope you'll find enough help to fully understand Watora. If you want to correct, edit, add or remove something on this Wiki, you can go on the GitHub page. Your help will be gladly accepted !

Setting up Watora

Watora doesn't need any setup, it's designed to be intuitive.

However, you can configure many things. Take a look the the settings page.

Setting up Autoplaylists

You can find a cool page to learn everything about Autoplaylists here.

Creating your own commands and aliases

If you want to create your own commands and your own aliases you'll have to use CustomCommands. Maybe you should take a look at the Custom Commands page.