Help with fun commands.

Reminder :

command (optional) [required] [choice|choice_2]

  • Parameters between parenthesis are optional.

  • Parameters between square brackets are required.

  • Parameters separated by vertical bars mean that you must choose one of them.

  • Any characters outside parenthesis and brackets must be written.



minesweeper (level|rows) (cols) (bombs)

Starts a minesweeper game using Discord's spoiler feature.

Available levels: beginner, intermediate, expert

8ball [question]

Randomly answer to your question.


If you want to know if I love you.

roll ([val] (val2))

Generates a random number between 0 and the value specifed. Can also generate a random number between two values. Otherwise, if you don't specify any value generate a random number between 0 and 100.

flip (user)

Flips a coin if no user is specified, otherwise flip a user.


Allows you to talk as Watora.

This command is a Rich Command

choice (>>>)[command] | (option) | (option2)...

Randomly selects a random option between multiple options. By putting >>> at the beginning, it will start the selected command.

This command is a Rich Command

ascii [text]

Displays a text in ascii art.

meme [user|url] (top_text)|(bottom_text)

Generates a meme. It displays your text on the user avatar or on a custom picture.


Displays the picture commands list.

osu (mode) [username]

Displays information about an osu! profile You can choose a mode. If you don't specify any mode, standard is choosen. Mode list : Standard, Taiko, Ctb, Mania

marry (user)

Marries you to an user. If you don't specify an user and if you are already married with someone displays information about your relationship.


Divorces you from whoever you were married to.

anime [title]

Displays information about an anime.

manga [title]

Displays information about a manga.

char [name]

Displays information about a character from an anime or a manga.

nextep [title]

Displays the remaining time before the next episode of an anime.


This command has her own page here​