Everything you want to know about Watora's Permissions

Watora public invitations don't generate an useless role when joining your server.

You can usesettingsto display current Watora's settings.

Watora's Permissions Logic

Watora's permissions are mostly based on your channel/guild permissions.

Exemples :

  • You cannot use the ban command if you cannot ban users.

  • You cannot use the purge command if you cannot manage messages.

To manage Watora's settings you need at least the manage guildpermission.

Music Permissions

Watora's music permissions are based on a DJ role system.

You are a DJ when you can verify one of the following line :

  • You have a DJ role

  • You have at least the manage guild permission

  • You are alone in the voice channel with Watora

DJ permissions :

  • It allows to use every musical commands without necessarily having high permissions on the server.

  • It allows to use musical commands without being in the voice channel.

How to limit Watora's commands

Users with at least themanage guildpermissions aren't affected by this limitations.

How to disable Watora on one or several channels

  • You can use ignore to ignore one channel.

  • You can use bind to disable Watora on every channels excepted one.



ignore (channel)

Disables Watora's commands on a channel. Current channel if not specified.

bind (channel)

Binds Watora's commands to a channel. Current channel if not specified.

How to disable Watora to several users or roles

You have to use blacklist to blacklist users or roles



blacklist add [user|role]

Adds a user to the guild blacklist.

blacklist remove [user|role]

Removes a user or a role from the guild blacklist.

blacklist clear

Clears the guild blacklist.

blacklist list

Displays the guild blacklist content.

How to disable Watora's commands

You can't disable a customcommand. Instead, delete it.

To disable a command you have to use disabledcommand (also calleddc)



dc add [command|module|all]

Disables a command and its aliases on the server.

dc delete [command|module|all]

Enables anew a disabled command.

dc list

Displays the disabled commands list.

How to disable Watora's commands per channel

You can disable a lot of thing per channel thanks to the ignore command.



ignore [channel] [command|module|all]

Disables a command, a module or every command in a channel.

List of known module : Music, Fun, Useful, Moderation, Config, Image