Self Hosting

In order to avoid YouTube ratelimits and to get more features (such as playing local files), you can self host Watora's music.

Self Hosting requires a server (download and installation below) which is also called a node. To make her use yours, you'll have to connect your node to Watora by using hostconfig.


Download Java 11+ (you can download Java 13 here)

Get Started

Extract Watora_Server.rar somewhere, and open the extracted folder

This folder should contain 3 files. Lavalink.jar : The Java server. application.yml : The configuration file which allows to edit the configuration of the node. run.bat : A script for Windows user to start your node quickly by launching it.

Edit application.yml with a text editor

  • Set an opened port at line 2. Default port is 2333. For instance, if you already opened a port for a Minecraft server (port 25565), and you're not using it anymore, you can use it here. Otherwise, you'll have to open a port and make it redirect to your computer. You can follow any tutorial on the Internet, like this one based on Minecraft Ports.

  • Set a password at line 5. Default password of Lavalink is youshallnotpass. This is roughly recommended to change it for something else.

Start your node

On Windows, launch it withlauncher.bat On Linux , usejava -jar Lavalink.jar A terminal showing "Lavalink" should open. If a firewall pop-up asks for permission, accept to grant permission to Java to access public network.

Use Watora hostconfig command in DMs to allow her to connect

She'll need to know your IP, your port and the password you have chosen in order to create a connection.


If you want to play local files, you can set local at line 17 to true in application.yml Issuing =play full/path/to/your/file.mp3 will allow Watora to play your file.